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Where in sydney to sell 2nd hand diamond wedding and engagement rings,for a fair price?

Have a set and a male wedding ring that is no longer wanted.

Posted by Shane
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Ebay is good. Other than that look in the yellow pages or google 2nd hand jewellery.

Engagement Party Venues in Sydney (Australia) – where at?

Just want to know where people have had their engagement parties in Australia, Sydney – how much its costed, what it involved, on a weekend.

Also — is it customary for the female to buy the male a ring as a gift and how much should she roughly spend on it?

Thanks heaps,
if you could post photos of your engagement or a engagement it would be great.

Posted by PeBz‚ô•DeLz
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I went to a great engagement party at Cronulla surf club. The room is a good size and it has a huge balcony that overlooks the beach.You can decorate it yourself and arrange your own caterers or they will give you ideas about who to use. Not sure about the cost sorry.

What jeweler should i go to for engagement rings in sydney?

Posted by Ben j
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For a start stay out of the CBD, go to the suburbs and shop around.

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Sydney and Giovanni, coolest flower girl and ring bearer..

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